The Texas economy isn’t a one-trick pony. The Lone Star State has a diverse and dynamic economy composed of many sub-regions each with an economy that can’t just be put inside a mathematical black box.  Understanding Texas demands an experienced and trained hand who can develop and interpret tax, economic and demographic shifts resulting from industry, policy and tax changes.

After 25 years of study provides an accurate, objective and respected voice on state and local tax, economic and demographic changes for Texas cities, counties, school districts, special districts and regions because our focus is Texas, exclusively.

Using the latest data and most widely accepted economic models, we estimate tax and economic impacts of changes in the Texas economy from industry relocations and expansions, event presentations, tax and demographic changes including incorporating your data and experience into our analysis.

Building upon 25 years of Texas tax policy and economic impact assessment we provide you with the data, analysis and presentation support you need to:

  • Project tax gains from industry relocations and expansions

  • Estimate local and statewide gains from hosting sporting and other events

  • Explore the local and regional effects of tax changes

  • Examine occupational and training needs to match labor force dynamics

Contact to let us help you understand and present your case to local citizens, taxing jurisdictions, state agencies, city and county government.